Smart City Infrastructure Funds and Investments


Innovation is the foundation of the investment landscape within a SMART City.




Smart city infrastructure funds and investments

The Secret of Success

SCI-FI is an acronym for: SMART City Infrastructure Funds and Investments. This represents the fund family’s core tenants of investment, and also provides a meaningful foundation for further and future investment into the Emtech Global SMART City concept. From an investor perspective, there will be a series of funds to choose from. Investors will either be able to participate in a direct buy opportunity associated with a singular qualified project or invest in a fund which has a pooled set of projects with similar characteristics, such as digital media, or renewable energy. Every new SMART City development will be funded through different phases of fund launch, beginning with Infrastructure, and building from there. Through single or multi-asset funds, investors who deploy capital towards Emtech’s SMART City concept will have the opportunity to craft their own portfolio and diversify according to their own needs.


Product development and design, structuring of the funds, managing the below third-party operators, and assistance in fund administration.


The management of – not limited to – product development, investor relations, securities compliance, fund administration, fund accounting, and fund audit.

securities compliance

The SCI – FI fund family is an aggregated pool of investments into a very large and complex development, because BeQOZ and Emtech will be soliciting outside investment, each opportunity fund, or private placement, is considered a security. A broker dealer will ensure that each security offered for investment meets any applicable FINRA and
SEC regulations.

fund administration

Fund administration covers the onboarding of investors, generation of quarterly reports, the dissemination of these reports to investors, management of online investor access, fielding investor questions, fund accounting, and in the case of opportunity zones, working to report on the bi – annual compliance tests.

fund audit

Opportunity zone funds require a bi – annual audit, specific to the deployment of their capital, in addition to a typical annual fund audit. Audited financials can be a significant undertaking, especially within a SMART City. These audited financials aim to give investors a comprehensive look at how their investment is being spent.


The structuring of a fund, including incorporating the fund, the creation a private placement memorandum, the generation of operating documents, and any initial due diligence to determine the validity of the investment offering will be handled by a third-party legal team,

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