Nascent Evolutionary Science
and Technologies


A design forward venture studio focused on emergent media and technology solutions for community economic development with a particular focus on emerging economies

We are witnessing a new industrial revolution, fueled by the advancement of digital technologies on a global scale. While every manufacturer faces shifting demand, regulatory pressures, and intense global competition for customers, materials and talent, new disruptive solutions help manufacturers transform their operations and streamline functions across the value chain. Emtech Global has created a venture studio proposition for Nascent and Emergent Science and Technologies (NEST) in order to give support, direction, and implementation for next millennium technology manufacturers to navigate this dynamic and volatile marketplace by co-creating innovative solutions for SMART City infrastructure innovations that draw on digital technology solutions to improve business results and spur evolutionary models for Industry 4.0 and Infrastructure 3.0 applications.


We are a growth company inspired to impact the next 100 years of revolutionary and radical resilience in the foundations of our next generation’s launch into the future. We design the connective tissue to build or add value for companies and municipalities to engender traction and transaction.


First, we apply our creative and intellectual capital to the program, curating a team drawn from across the highly decorated Emtech Global talent pool. We work specifically with diversely scaled economies from start-up to national governmental teams that are actively defining, or attempting to solve,
a problem.


Second, we customize the content of the program to the specific needs and goals of each company, and create a flexible schedule that allows for founders to focus on building their businesses while also gaining value from the program.


Third, we are stage-agnostic and design our Venture Studio program to add value to both early and later-stage companies.

what do we offer our clients?

The Secret of Success

Customized Emtech Global teams with three principle

1. unique expertise

The studio’s team will either have specific insights into a particular industry or will
have valuable expertise on broad themes that are
driving transformation
across industries.

2. service platform

A valuable platform is able to leverage a brad network of collaborators, including potential future founders, early-stage hires, advisors with deep industry expertise, and early adopters.

3. hands-on impact

The impact of expert assistance cannot be understated in a pre-product startup, especially for first-time founders. Seemingly trivial decisions such as co-founder equity splits or incorrectly assessing the fairness of a term sheet can cripple a business in the long run.

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